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Whirlpool Appliance Repair in Minneapolis MN

Whirlpool Appliance Repair in Minneapolis MN If you have a Whirlpool major appliance, you certainly value their convenience and durability when it concerns making life much easier. Minneapolis residents can agree that Whirlpool refrigerators, washers, dryers and the like are excellent quality machines. Every now and then, however, even premier major appliances need repair work. Since repair .. Read More Now

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Appliance Repair Minneapolis All Minneapolis can rest easy! Your appliances are safe and sound with us around. Appliance Repair Minneapolis provides professional appliance service for everyone in the metro Minneapolis area as well as the many suburbs. We service all major brands. Call us at 612-568-0407 to inquire about your appliance. Appliance Repair Minneapolis has .. Read More Now

How To Know Its Time to Replace Refrigerator

How to Tell It’s Time to Replace Refrigerator An excellent fridge can last and function well for several years, yet at a certain point in time, all fridges start to damage down or end up being troubling. The choice of whether to change your old refrigerator, or not relaxes on several factors, which include the .. Read More Now

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Appliance Repair Tips

Our Appliance Repair Tips! Washers: Replace the rubber water supply hoses that connect to the water supply at least every five years. Check them periodically for cracking, splitting, or stiffness. If you see evidence of this, replace them sooner. When replacing the hoses, use a turn or two of Teflon tape on the threads of .. Read More Now

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